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Information Governance & RIM References

Mergers, Acquisitions, Divestitures and Closures - Records and Information Management Checklists A study by John T. Phillips, CRM, FAI, CDIA+ Funded by the ARMA International Educational Foundation.

Revised and updated with new research, this report continues to focus on a major challenge for the RIM community.  As Executives form Merger and Acquisition teams, Due Diligence processes are initiated, business consultants are retained, and Legal Counsel becomes involved, the Corporate RIM Program must reach out to accomplish new record keeping objectives while working within constrained resources and time frames. The goal of this report is to provide a ready reference that can serve as a starting point for Records Managers and their Programs in discussions of the record keeping challenges that will arise. By exploring issues in advance of problems occurring, organizations will be able to assure that records required for quality decision-making and long-term retention are identified and properly preserved.

Seeking the Core:   The Development of the Core Works Bibliography for the Records and Information Management Profession  A Study by April Norris, MSIS, IMLS Preservation Doctoral Fellow, School of Information, University of Texas at Austin. 

The objective of this project was to produce an essential bibliography of published literary works that document the theory and practice of the records and information management profession.  This report documents the scope and purpose of the project, explains the methods of research, and reviews the project results. This research is the product of a multi-year, collaborative effort  funded by the ARMA International Educational Foundation..

A Minor Nuisance Spread Across the Organization : Factors Leading to the Establishment and Support of Records and Information Management Programs A Study by Richard Cox PhD funded by The ARMA International Educational Foundation.

Examines the reasons why archives, records management, and information management programs are established in various kinds of organizations and explores reasons for some growing and prospering while others fail to survives.  The study draws on two sources: the existing literature considering why and how such programs are established and selected interviews with individuals working at different kinds of archives, records, and information management programs in the Pittsburgh region where Dr. Cox serves as a professor at the University of Pittsburgh.

Access Rights to Business Data on Personally- Owned Computers    A Study by John C. Montana JD funded by the Houston and Calgary Chapters of  ARMA International.

It has been established without question that information created on the organization’s computers by employees belongs to the organization.  However, a growing number of employees use their personal computer, cell phones, PDA’s, and other electronic equipment at home to do work for their employer.  A little researched issue, but potentially of major concern to employees and employers is the access and ownership of this information. Do the courts have the right to gain access to this information?  Does the employee have any rights and protection for private and personal information which is retained on the same computer system?  Is there an obligation / expectation that the employer should be managing this information?  This study researches and documents the law in the USA and Canada that applies or may apply and suggests appropriate action for employees and employers to take

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